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What Are The Best Snorkeling Brands? (Equipment and Clothing)

No matter what sport you pick there will be brands that are associated with good quality equipment.

If you are a beginner to the sport, then picking brands that have a reputation for producing equipment that works is of paramount importance.

The last thing you want is a mask that fogs often, or fills with water because the skirts aren’t good enough.

Snorkeling equipment is reasonably cheap anyway compared to other sports so getting equipment at the start of the journey seems prudent.

If you are only going for a quick holiday snorkel on an island boat tour then the generic company equipment can be good enough, but frequently it can be of the lowest quality, well used, and not fit you well.

a snorkeler going along the seabed

If you really plan on enjoying some snorkeling, then having good quality and effective equipment can make a large difference to your enjoyment.

So, when talking about fins, masks, and snorkels here’s a guide of the brands that continually manufacture equipment for snorkeling that you will be happy to possess. From these brands it’s more about finding a model and size that works for you, rather than worrying about the quality.

Some brands are more focused on scuba diving, but those below are good for a snorkeler.

Fins, Mask, and Snorkel Brands

When most people think of snorkeling, an image of crystal clear waters comes up with someone wearing a mask, a snorkel and a pair of fins. 

Dry bags, and anti-fogging spray are way down the list.

These are the items where quality most matters, so what are the best brands for the main equipment.

Atomic Aquatics

If every sport has a top brand known throughout the industry as such, then Atomic Aquatics is the well deserved winner for all those involved in water sports.

Wearing any Atomic Aquatics kit certainly marks you out as someone who knows what they are doing.

Simply put, it’s the Aston Martin of the sub aqua world.

The company was founded in 1996 by Dean Garraffa and Doug Toth who had been designing gear for watersports since the mid 1970s. They’re based out of California.

Their equipment certainly lives up to its name and reputation. With one year warranties on their equipment from the start, there are some truly groundbreaking designs that have had thousands of hours of testing gone into them.

The gear is comfortable, with quality materials that are resilient to many snorkeling problems. Their materials are designed to be as corrosive resistant as possible.

There aren’t many, if any actually, people involved in the sub aqua world that don’t rate Atomic Aquatics, as they are such a good choice for those regularly involved inthe sport, or indeed, professionally.

If you have the intention of snorkeling regularly, or snorkeling will be a large part of a forthcoming trip then you should certainly at least consider an Atomic Aquatics mask.


Tusa is a snorkeling brand that has been around for over 70 years. The company was founded in Tokyo in 1952, that started like Apple, that is, in a garage,

The company has come a long way since then, and is now a manufacturer of good quality equipment in the mid price range.

Tusa products for snorkeling are good quality for the beginner, the casual, or the more advanced snorkeler.

Their range is extensive, in terms of equipment and colors. Basically, if Tusa doesn’t do it for snorkeling, it isn’t a product worth having.

It’s a go to brand for many new to the scene and there’s a reason for that. It’s good quality, comfortable, and well priced.

Tusa is probably the ‘go to’ brand for beginners as you will get good quality from a wide range without breaking the bank.

It’s an excellent choice for the beginner who needs corrective lenses’ as they offer a wide range for those with this problem.

a female snorkeler going along the surface looking at rays


This is another well known brand whose products you will see on many dive shop walls, and along with other brands have been known for some innovative designs to the market.

Most proficient divers at one time or another will have owned some Scubapro gear.

Scubapro gear is functional, comfortable, and reliable. The company has been around since 1963 and is a well established brand in the professional diving scene, let alone for snorkeling.

Their range is massive, and you could equip yourself entirely in Scubapro gear.

It’s good quality dive gear so will be perfectly functional for snorkeling which has a worldwide warranty


While Mares is more known for scuba equipment, there are some similarities, so can be used for snorkeling.

It’s an Italian brand that serves worldwide, and has been around 1949. Their products are a little more ‘elegant’ as they appear a little sleeker.

They offer good value for the price, and if you are considering a snorkeling ‘set’ then Mares offers some good choices. Certainly if you have kids with their junior range.

There is plenty of range with Mares and you can be assured of design quality with them.


This is a family owned company from Italy. Cressi has a reputable reputation within the snorkeling community, and offers good quality reliable equipment.

The company was founded by 2 brothers calledEgidio and Nanni Cressi. They started manufacturing recreational sporting equipment in 1946 in Genoa, Italy.

This is another company that can claim to have designed genuinely innovative products in its history, particularly in the masks and fins field.

It’s now a large manufacturer having global influence, that manufacturers a full range of equipment.

a female snorkeler looking at many fish


This brand is certainly in the premium branded gear, although is slightly more involved with scuba, but does make a range of snorkeling gear.

They have a full range of gear, including luggage should you need it. They are more expensive than a few other brands but you may prefer their stuff.

Oceanic in its history has certainly had some innovative ideas and today still has a design team still innovating and testing, much like the other big brands.

You certainly won’t go wrong with their gear,

Sea Avenger

This is a relative newcomer to the scene with respect to the other more thoroughbred brands, but nonetheless, certainly it does have its devotees. They are based out of Ontario, California.

For those considering a quick snorkeling trip, or light recreational use the company may be worth a look.

Being honest, there are brands that have the pedigree and operate in the same price ranges so it may come down to personal choice more than anything.

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Honorable mentions might perhaps go to Aqua Lung and DiveRite, although they may be more scuba orientated.

Clothing Brands

There are many brands that manufacture a rash guard for snorkeling. Wetsuits are a different thing and aren’t typically used for those just snorkeling, but if you plan more than  a few hours, then don’t underestimate the need for UV protection in a tropical environment with water.


As a manufacturer of many items for underwater use, Scubapro also put there expertise into the clothing needed to protect you from UV rays. The equipment is high quality and will do the job necessary.


As with Scubapro, if you get a rash guard from Mares it will be a fine piece of clothing, both comfortable and effective.


Another favorite you will see out on the water is clothing by O’Neill. The rash guards are good quality and you should get good UV protection with the lightweight fabric.

Final Thoughts

Snorkeling is one of those activities where getting the equipment right can make or break a trip. It makes sense to get the decision right from the start.

There are many brands out there that will sell you something that looks functional that doesn’t work so well in the water.

With the brands mentioned above you can be assured of quality.

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