a snorkeler surrounded by fish

6 Snorkeling Tips For Not Damaging The Environment

The imagery around snorkeling encompasses crystal clear water, abundant marine life, under full sun in some distant tropical paradise. There are many places like that where one can get away to join in the aquatic life with some solitude. The advent of cheap travel has made many destinations accessible to a plethora of worldwide travelers. […]

a female snorkeling beneath the surface

What Sunscreen Should You Use When You Go Snorkeling?

Snorkeling is a pastime that is synonymous with tropical paradises. The crystal clear water in any imagery is accompanied by a sun blazing away to provide the kind of recreation most dream of. As humans, we have different tolerances for the sun’s rays and put on sunscreen to protect ourselves from harmful exposure over a […]

a scuba diver performing backwards entry

Why Do Scuba Divers Dive Backwards?

If you’ve ever watched scuba divers enter the water from a boat, you may have thought that it looks a bit odd. Rolling backwards into the water may seem uncomfortable. After all, anyone who has ever tried the trust fall activity knows that willingly falling backwards seems unpleasant.  The reality is that falling backwards into […]

a snorkeler in a safety vest

How Do You Snorkel Safely And Successfully As A Beginner?

When you’re a newcomer to any sport the temptation to give it a go is often tempered by the realization that you might need to know some things first. While in some sports you can do this safely, snorkeling comes with a sense of unease as you are dealing with the ocean. Questions arise as […]

a female snorkeler in a snorkeling vest

What Is A Snorkel Vest (And Who Should Wear Them)?

Snorkeling is one of those activities that almost everyone wants to try. Anywhere where holidaymakers or adventurers congregate near the water there will be a snorkeling tour nearby. Marine life can be observed in the open ocean with stunning underwater terrain, all surrounded by a tropical paradise. It’s just too tempting to miss. While it’s […]

a female snorkeler in shallow water with fish

The Non Swimmers Guide To Snorkeling For The First Time

The juxtaposition is easy to see. Snorkeling is an experience that almost everyone wants to try. It seems so simple, yet the rewards are obvious.  Snorkeling can give you one of the most vivid and memorable experiences of a trip or vacation. The chance to witness a normally unseen world in a tropical location sounds […]

a female snorkeler on the surface of very clear blue water

Why Does A Snorkel Mask Fog?

Snorkeling a very visual activity. The practice of surface viewing over corals, while watching the colorful marine life attracts millions every year. Snorkeling isn’t without its issues, but one of the biggest concerns is about the mask fogging up. If you can’t see much it ruins the experience. The problem is curable, but understanding why […]

a hand holding a snorkeling mask on a beach at sunset

Can You Snorkel With Swimming Goggles?

Snorkeling attracts millions a year to give it a try. The fascination to try and view the underwater world is an experience many want to investigate. Everything from the fascinating underwater terrain to the colorful marine life tempts people to take a glimpse. Traditionally it’s done with a specifically designed mask. Masks aren’t the only […]

a mask and snorkel on a beach next to the sea

What Is A Purge Valve On A Snorkel?

Snorkels almost certainly started as reeds, with soldiers and hunters using them to hunt or remain unobserved underwater. As snorkeling became a more recreational activity, designers got to work and started improving on the basic tube. You can certainly use a basic plastic snorkel tube to go snorkeling, but returning to the surface after a […]

a female with long hair snorkeling

How Do Girls Manage Their Hair When Snorkeling and Scuba Diving?

If you’re lucky enough to be blessed with long, elegant locks then when you are snorkeling, one consideration needs to be – what do you actually do with your hair!? You may think it is a superficial query, but as our crowning glory, special consideration when partaking in scuba diving for women’s hair is a […]

2 scuba divers on the seabed

Can You Scuba Dive in Low Visibility?

There are many different things that divers consider when planning a dive. These include things such as temperature, depth, and visibility.  In fact, visibility is perhaps one of the most frequent things anticipated by divers when planning a dive. Many divers dream of warm Caribbean dives with hundred foot plus visibility. This is not surprising […]

a female snorkeler on the surface in shallow water

What’s The GOLDEN RULE To Learn About Snorkeling?

Most aspects of life have a golden rule. Whether it’s religion, politics, or a sport. There tends to be an instruction or etiquette that’s more important than the others. One rule to rule them all if you will. Snorkeling is no different, and while others may have a different rule, there does tend to be […]