scuba diver near titanic featured image

Can You Scuba Dive To The Titanic?

Some events in human history just stick with us through the ages. Momentous events like landing on the moon or the first pictures of the galaxy are milestones in human achievement. As well as the things we aspire to, other things, like disasters, also seem to stick with us. There’s no bigger disaster story than […]

2 scuba divers in open water holding hands

How Fit and Healthy Do You Need to Be to Scuba Dive?

If you’re wanting to get started in scuba diving, one question that you likely have is exactly how healthy and fit you need to be in order to be able to scuba. After all, those tanks certainly look quite heavy and you may have heard that diving can be tiring. Also, depending on who you […]

a single scuba diver going over a rock formation

Additional Scuba Certifications and Where They Lead

For many divers, once they get certified and begin diving, they want to explore more areas. While many divers are content to explore with an open water certification, many people endeavor to get further certifications. Diving can be a very diverse hobby, and there are many different options that people can explore to enhance their […]

a selection of scuba tanks by the side of a boat

How Much Does A Scuba Tank Weigh (9 Examples)?

Whenever anyone takes up the sport of scuba diving it seems clear that there’s a good amount of equipment. Everything from masks to fins looks like it might add up to a fair amount of weight to carry. Take a look at any diver and it’s easy to recognize there is a need for a […]

a snorkeler touches a great white shark

What To Do If You See (And Avoid) A Shark While Snorkeling

A shark is everyone’s scary fish. Since Jaws came out the idea of an underwater menace lurking in the depths is the foremost fear while being in the water. There are not a lot of shark attacks every year yet people still worry as the fear of the unknown plays tricks with the mind. Sharks […]

4 beginners on a pier starting scuba diving

A Beginner’s Guide To Scuba Diving

So you’ve decided you want to learn to scuba dive. Congrats! It’s a great hobby to have and a community to be a part of. However, you probably have a number of questions.  After all, scuba can be a bit confusing for those unfamiliar. This guide intends to provide relatively brief answers to the major […]

a couple on a beach with full bladed fins and split fins

Are Split Fins A Good Choice For Snorkeling Beginners?

Like any newcomer to a sport, there’s often a bewildering array of equipment that you have no idea whether you need, and if you do, which sort are the best. Does making the wrong choice matter? While fins can look the same and it might appear as if you can pick a set and away […]

a snorkeler on the surface with split fins

What Are Split Fins For Snorkeling?

Although fins aren’t strictly necessary for a snorkeling excursion they are almost indispensable if you want to truly explore in safety. Fins will allow you to swim efficiently in the water, and propel you forward with less effort. They can also make a snorkeler safer as they can allow you to get to safety quicker […]

female scuba diver in shallow water

How Much Does Learning to Scuba Dive Cost?

So you’ve decided you want to become a diver. Probably one of the first questions that comes to mind is the cost associated with the hobby.  After all, you’ve undoubtedly heard that scuba diving can be quite expensive. And the truth is, it certainly can be; however, there are many ways people can enjoy diving […]

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Can You Mix And Match Snorkeling Gear?

Branded snorkeling equipment is available just about everywhere. Online, dive shops and the vast amounts of snorkeling locations will see manufacturers competing to sell or rent you the appropriate equipment. The basic set of fins, mask, and snorkel can come in sets or you can buy each item individually. Much like clothes, where you don’t […]

2 snorkelers around some rocky headlands

Can You Snorkel When It’s Windy?

We all want amazing weather when we go on holiday. Visiting a new and exciting location is even more vibrant when the weather is perfect. Snorkeling is no different. Some destinations have a perfect temperature, amazing snorkeling experiences and sheltered bays to enjoy the aquatic wildlife. In the real world, things work a little differently. […]