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Is It Snorkeling Or Snorkelling?

If you are considering a snorkeling adventure, then searching around google is probably the way to go. Maybe you’ve noticed that the spelling is a bit different depending upon what page you land.

Sometimes it’s snorkeling, with a single ‘l’, and other times it’s snorkelling, with a double ‘l’.

Is it a different sport, or something more mundane? In short, what’s the difference? Is it snorkeling or snorkelling?

Snorkeling with a single ‘l’ is the American spelling of the water based activity. The alternative spelling, ‘snorkelling’ is the UK spelling of the term.

It’s as simple as that. The terms can be pretty interchangeable a lot of the time, but typically you will see ‘snorkeling’ on sites catering for a US-based audience.

The American spelling is more prevalent in the USA and US-based websites

While the UK spelling is more common in the UK, and the commonwealth countries such as Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

Thus it’s ‘Snorkelling tours for the Great Barrier Reef’.

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