men snorkeling in rocks with wetsuits on

Do You Need A Wetsuit For Snorkeling?

If you are new to the concept of watersports, and aquatic recreational activity then you might assume that all water based diving styled sports require a wetsuit. A wetsuit has a very specific purpose, so what’s the truth? Do you need a wetsuit for snorkeling? A wetsuit isn’t required for snorkeling and typically wouldn’t be […]

a female snorkeler looking at many fish

What Are The Best Snorkeling Brands? (Equipment and Clothing)

No matter what sport you pick there will be brands that are associated with good quality equipment. If you are a beginner to the sport, then picking brands that have a reputation for producing equipment that works is of paramount importance. The last thing you want is a mask that fogs often, or fills with […]

underwater photo of female snorkeler with island visible

How Much Does Learning To Snorkel Cost?

While not the main reason for taking up a sport, cost will still be a major consideration for most people taking up a sport. Taking up bridge (or gin rummy) is obviously cheap, while Golf or Go-Karting is more expensive. Both in equipment costs, and utilizing the sport. Especially if you get a hole in […]

two snorkelers in clear water with fish

Holiday Snorkeling – Is Previous Practice Required?

When looking at all the myriad of options for a holiday many will take a look at crystal clear waters along with the stunning scenery as evidence for their decision. If you are going on a trip, and think that some snorkeling might be a good idea, then it starts to cross your mind that […]

a woman snorkeling in crystal clear water with fish

Putting On A Snorkeling Mask – Why A Few Simple Rules Matter

In its basic format, snorkeling is quite a simple affair. With a mask, snorkel, and fins all you need is some water and you are ready to go. It’s one of the main factors that attract people to the sport. The reward for the ease of skill acquisition tilt heavily in snorkeling’s favor. That said, […]

a woman snorkeling in shallow water

How Long Does Snorkeling Take To Learn?

Whether you are comfortable in water or not, snorkeling is a recreational activity that appeals to many. While some sports, like golf, the skill set seems obvious, snorkeling looks relatively easy. With unknown dangers maybe at the back of your mind, you may wonder how long snorkeling takes to learn? The basics of snorkeling take […]

2 people snorkeling with a dolphin

33 Reasons To Try Snorkeling

If you are used to water based activities then reasons to try snorkeling are self evident, but if you are considering it as a hobby then some indication of why people undertake the activity is really useful. With the advent of cheap travel to some of the most fantastic destinations on earth it’s certainly an […]