a snorkeler in shallow water over corals

Which Side Of The Head Do Snorkels Go On?

Snorkeling is a bit of a ‘let me have a go’ sport. It’s recreational in nature, and can be learned by trial and error. While taking lessons can be beneficial, many don’t bother, especially if they are a good swimmer. As such, a few things have to be thought of while you work out your […]

a scuba diver swimming alongside a turtle

Should I Buy or Rent Scuba Gear As a Beginner

Perhaps one of the most common questions from a new diver is whether they should buy gear. After all, entering the world of scuba diving is exciting and nothing makes you feel like a legit diver quite like having your own gear. However, once you begin to check around for scuba gear, you may quickly […]

3 scuba divers in a rib going out to dive

How Much Does Scuba Equipment Weigh (and is it Heavy)?

One of the most frequent concerns for new divers relates to the wide variety of scuba equipment that is required for dives.  After all, one glance at a diver and it’s clear that they’re carrying a lot of stuff.  For many people, they may wonder what scuba gear weighs and how this will affect their […]

a scuba diver ascending to the surface

What is a Diver’s Safety Stop and Why Do I Need One?

Anyone who has ever taken a diving class has heard the term safety stop.  While seasoned scuba divers are likely well versed in safety stop rules, new divers may be curious about the function and rationale. So what is a safety stop and do you need one? A safety stop occurs near the end of […]

two scuba divers on the seabed

How Long Does a Scuba Tank Last When Diving?

Newly certified divers are often excited to get in the water and explore the vast world beneath the surface. Each new environment brings with it new underwater ecosystems, different species of sea creatures, and even wrecks to explore.  However, it is normal for the new diver to have many questions when planning their first dives. […]