a scuba diver with another near the surface

Is Scuba Diving in Freshwater Different from Saltwater?

When you think of scuba diving, many of you likely envision coasting blissfully between blue, tropical waters.  However, the ocean is not the only place that scuba divers flock to. Many divers enjoy going on freshwater dives in dive sites like lakes, rivers, and quarries.  New divers may wonder if diving freshwater is different from […]

a scuba diver follows another through underwater cave

What Types of Environments Can I Scuba Dive In?

As new divers begin to learn more about the sport of scuba diving, they are often excited to get out and experience scuba in many different places.  In fact, new divers are often surprised at the wide number of environments that you can dive in, each with their own unique experiences.  What kind of environments […]

a scuba diver practising air control

What Happens If You Run Out of Air While Scuba Diving?

For a potential scuba diver, it’s probably the scariest situation you can imagine.  Breathing in, hoping for all sustaining oxygen, only to be met with nothing.  When you’re beneath the waves, you quickly understand just how critical oxygen is. After all, your scuba tank and regulator become your lifeline. Is it possible for a scuba […]

a female scuba diver on the ocean floor

Can You Go Scuba Diving On Your Period?

So this article is only really relevant to half of the people in the world, but it’s really useful to know about anyway. There’s a lot of misconceptions about the female body with respect to all sorts of water sports, such as scuba diving or snorkeling. So, can a woman go scuba diving or snorkeling […]

a shark trying to bite a scuba diver

How Do Scuba Divers Avoid Shark Attacks?

There are many amazing things to see under the sea; however, many people also have fears related to the marine environment. The most common fear by far is a shark attack.  How do scuba divers avoid shark attacks? A scuba diver can avoid shark attacks by not diving during dawn or dusk, avoiding areas where […]

a scuba diver in the shallows with a torch

Should I Do a Scuba Night Dive?

If you’ve been a scuba diver for a while, you’ve certainly learned that some divers enjoy diving at night. Almost every dive operator provides an opportunity to do night dives.  But who can do night dives and is it something you should do? Night dives are a fun way to explore the marine environment in […]

scuba diver with a shark

Is It Ever Acceptable to Scuba Dive Solo?

If you are new to scuba diving or have friends who dive, you probably know that divers go under with a “dive buddy,” traversing the underwater area in pairs. You may have wondered if it is ok to dive solo. After all, there are many reasons a diver may want to dive solo. Perhaps you […]

a scuba diver with bright fins

Do Bright Scuba Gear Colors Attract Predators?

Safety is an important aspect of scuba diving. This is clear to anyone who has ever even taken a basic open water course.  However, many people frequently ask questions about how to stay safe once actively in the water in terms of being protected from sharks and other predators. This is a natural concern. After […]

an older male scuba diver

How Old Can You Start Scuba Diving?

Scuba diving is an increasingly popular activity with over 9 million divers worldwide, primarily located in Europe and the United States. With many things to do while underwater from wrecks to reefs, people of all ages are joining the trend. However, one of the most frequent questions I hear from prospective divers is if they […]