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Can You Mix And Match Snorkeling Gear?

Branded snorkeling equipment is available just about everywhere. Online, dive shops and the vast amounts of snorkeling locations will see manufacturers competing to sell or rent you the appropriate equipment.

The basic set of fins, mask, and snorkel can come in sets or you can buy each item individually. Much like clothes, where you don’t have to purchase the same brand coat, as you might for footwear.

But things like iPhones and the technology sector specifically, sometimes require very specific things to coordinate. You can’t charge an iPhone with general cables for example.

So is snorkeling like the technology sector or more like the clothing industry? Can you mix and match snorkeling brands to go snorkeling?

You can easily mix and match snorkeling brands without fear of equipment not working in coordination. The fins are separate from other items and the mask and snorkel connect via standardized clips or a snorkel keeper. There is no need to coordinate equipment from the same brand.

At the end of the day, snorkeling can be kept simple. You should buy or rent the brands that work for you, and provide the best comfort.

Selecting each individual item required for your snorkeling purely based on that items function is far more important with respect to enjoying your snorkeling than any other factor.

Mixing And Matching The Brands

Fins stand out alone as a separate item in the snorkeling equipment requirements. It’s quite easy to see that your Cressi fins don’t need to match a Cressi mask.

The biggest question comes from when you consider whether to buy different brands of mask and snorkel. These seem intertwined so it seems reasonable to assume you might need the same brand.

A snorkel mask attach via a mask strap clip usually so you don’t need to match brands. The snorkel clip will have an attachment that you will run the mask strap through before reattaching to the mask. 

The snorkel is then clippable to the mask. It’s not dependant on similar brands as the mask clip will work on any brand.

Even if it didn’t you could get a snorkel keeper, whicch is a silicon figure of eight that wraps around the back of the snorkel mask without unstrapping the mask.

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