a female snorkeler on the surface of very clear blue water

Why Does A Snorkel Mask Fog?

Snorkeling a very visual activity. The practice of surface viewing over corals, while watching the colorful marine life attracts millions every year. Snorkeling isn’t without its issues, but one of the biggest concerns is about the mask fogging up. If you can’t see much it ruins the experience. The problem is curable, but understanding why […]

a hand holding a snorkeling mask on a beach at sunset

Can You Snorkel With Swimming Goggles?

Snorkeling attracts millions a year to give it a try. The fascination to try and view the underwater world is an experience many want to investigate. Everything from the fascinating underwater terrain to the colorful marine life tempts people to take a glimpse. Traditionally it’s done with a specifically designed mask. Masks aren’t the only […]

a mask and snorkel on a beach next to the sea

What Is A Purge Valve On A Snorkel?

Snorkels almost certainly started as reeds, with soldiers and hunters using them to hunt or remain unobserved underwater. As snorkeling became a more recreational activity, designers got to work and started improving on the basic tube. You can certainly use a basic plastic snorkel tube to go snorkeling, but returning to the surface after a […]

a female snorkeler on the surface in shallow water

What’s The GOLDEN RULE To Learn About Snorkeling?

Most aspects of life have a golden rule. Whether it’s religion, politics, or a sport. There tends to be an instruction or etiquette that’s more important than the others. One rule to rule them all if you will. Snorkeling is no different, and while others may have a different rule, there does tend to be […]

a male snorkeler over a rock underwater

The FULL List Of Things NOT To Do When Snorkeling

Snorkeling is one of the most popular activities to do while on holiday. Take a typical trip to a beach paradise and the dive shops and snorkeling tours line the beachfront streets. Almost anyone will sell or rent you the gear you need.  Almost everyone is in a rush to seek adventure and observe the […]

a female snorkeler in shallow water

Can You Go Snorkeling On Your Own?

Sports and activities come in various forms. Some are physical and social, and others are solitary and inactive. Snorkeling is a blend of leisurely activity, exercise, and interest. This interest attracts many to the sport every year. While basketball isn’t considered dangerous, snorkeling can have some inherent dangers. Not because it’s naturally dangerous, in fact, […]

a female snorkeling on the surface

Does A Snorkel Negatively Impact Breathing?

As a recreational exercise, snorkeling is hard to beat. The tropical locations and crystal clear waters tend to make people want to try it. If you’ve never done it before, I’m guessing a load of questions go through your head. It seems like a fantastic experience, and indeed it is, and you’ll be wondering about […]

a snorkeler in shallow water over corals

Which Side Of The Head Do Snorkels Go On?

Snorkeling is a bit of a ‘let me have a go’ sport. It’s recreational in nature, and can be learned by trial and error. While taking lessons can be beneficial, many don’t bother, especially if they are a good swimmer. As such, a few things have to be thought of while you work out your […]

a blacktip reef shark at the great barrier reef

Shark Dangers When Snorkeling The Great Barrier Reef

There’s no greater source of unease for watersports enthusiasts than sharks. Whether occasional or recreational, being in the open water can cause many to start speculating. While the risks may underplay the reality, the vast expanse of the oceans concentrates the mind when snorkeling or diving. The nature of the oceans attracts animals and humans […]

2 snorkelers in the Great Barrier Reef

Can You Snorkel The Great Barrier Reef?

On almost any bucket list of ideas is a visit to the Great Barrier Reef. Whether it’s just a boat trip, a snorkeling trip or you are going to don the scuba gear it’s been a World Heritage site since 1981. With around 5 million people vising the reef every year it is certainly popular, […]