an apple watch underwater

Can You Go Snorkeling With An Apple Watch?

You’re on vacation and you’ve never snorkeled before. You start to panic because you don’t want to ruin your Apple Watch with salt water or sand! Apple watches are expensive, you don’t want to ruin your $400 investment on an activity you might not even enjoy. So, can you go snorkeling with an apple watch? Apple […]

snorkel fins, and mask on a rock by sea

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Snorkeling Equipment Made Easy

Snorkeling as a pastime is all about fun and adventure, much like any other activity. Like other sports it does use equipment, but not a great deal, mainly the mask, fins, and the snorkel. Collectively known as the FMS kit. Unlike other sports, the kit is pretty easy to maintain in order to keep the […]

a scuba diver swimming

How Much Faster Can You Swim with Fins? (Scuba and Snorkeling)

One of the most fun things about snorkeling or scuba diving is the relative ease with which we are able to propel ourselves through the water thanks to equipment. Often, I have people ask how much faster they can swim with fins on. For some people, the reason for this question is simple curiosity. When […]

2 scuba divers over an aircraft wreck

What Are Aircraft Wreck Depths To Scuba Dive Globally?

Scuba diving takes participants all over the world. It’s largely one of the attractions. No matter where you are, if you’re near the sea then you can rent some gear and descend beneath the waves. Everyone gets into scuba diving for their own personal reasons. It can be for a sense of fun, adventure, and […]

2 scuba divers exploring a wreck

How Deep Are Wrecks To Scuba Dive In The United States?

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to take up the sport of scuba diving. Whatever you want to explore is available somewhere, with a variety of different experience levels needed. Beginners look for amazing underwater topography as the experience is entirely new, and enjoy the fish, wildlife, and corals that are available to witness. […]

2 scuba divers around a shipwreck

What Depth Are Scuba Tourist Attractions Around The Globe?

Scuba diving makes the inaccessible accessible. The normally unseen becomes the seen. Anyone who dons the correct equipment can take a trip to a world not normally observed by the modern world. There’s a true sense of freedom and exploration down beneath the surface. Learning to dive is all about going beneath the waves in […]

scuba diver near titanic featured image

Can You Scuba Dive To The Titanic?

Some events in human history just stick with us through the ages. Momentous events like landing on the moon or the first pictures of the galaxy are milestones in human achievement. As well as the things we aspire to, other things, like disasters, also seem to stick with us. There’s no bigger disaster story than […]

a selection of scuba tanks by the side of a boat

How Much Does A Scuba Tank Weigh (9 Examples)?

Whenever anyone takes up the sport of scuba diving it seems clear that there’s a good amount of equipment. Everything from masks to fins looks like it might add up to a fair amount of weight to carry. Take a look at any diver and it’s easy to recognize there is a need for a […]

a snorkeler touches a great white shark

What To Do If You See (And Avoid) A Shark While Snorkeling

A shark is everyone’s scary fish. Since Jaws came out the idea of an underwater menace lurking in the depths is the foremost fear while being in the water. There are not a lot of shark attacks every year yet people still worry as the fear of the unknown plays tricks with the mind. Sharks […]